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Pipeline Pressure Opening Technology

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Pipeline Pressure Opening Technology

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Pipeline is the lifeblood of industrial production and an indispensable means of energy transmission. Some toxic, flammable, explosive and polluting substances are sent to users through pipelines. Historically, the joint opening of pipelines has been carried out in the state of shutdown. Stopping production is not an easy task, it not only makes users suffer enormous loss of stopping production, but also brings a series of hidden dangers such as safety and environmental protection. Historically, there have been many vicious accidents of poisoning and ignition in the process of gas shutdown in iron and steel enterprises. Pipeline pressure opening is a new technology for solving these problems after years of research and experiments. Its appearance brings huge economic benefits to iron and steel enterprises and petrochemical enterprises. At present, some large state-owned iron and steel enterprises, such as Angang, Handan, Kunshan, Xiangtan, Baotou and Tonggang, have applied this technology. Only by calculating the benefit of avoiding the loss of shutdown, the steel mills can obtain the benefit of tens of millions to hundreds of millions of yuan every year. In 2010, Handan Iron and Steel Co. 1 400 mm pipeline with pressure joints, to avoid the loss of 24 million yuan shutdown.

Safety is the primary concern of users. In the process of opening, the cutting tool is completely insulated from the air, that is to say, it is completely carried out in a closed environment. Therefore, it will not cause operator poisoning and no possibility of fire or explosion. Therefore, the company promises to use the company's products to ensure safety. There are six models of this product. Users can choose different models according to the diameter of the hole they need. They are explained on the product display page. These six models include all diameters below 1400 mm. That is to say, all standard diameters from 20mm to 1400mm can be opened with this product. The product withstands medium pressure according to the size of the aperture, which is explained in the product display.

Pressure opening


Xiangyue sealed pipeline with pressure opening and plugging is a safe, environmentally friendly, economical and efficient in-service pipeline maintenance and repair technology. It is suitable for normal maintenance and repair of pipelines with crude oil, refined oil, chemical media, natural gas and other media, and emergency repair of unexpected accidents (such as pressure rush repair, replacement of corroded pipelines, installation, transfer and transformation).

Pressurized perforation technology is a kind of technology that connects branch pipes in main pipeline of production and operation, and directly opens with pressure without stopping production and reducing pressure.

Applicable industries: mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, steam, water pipelines and other industries;

Applicable medium: any medium except oxygen (including flammable, explosive, toxic and other media);

Applicable pipe diameter: 20 - 1500mm (refers to the diameter of new contact pipe);

Applicable pressure: 0 - 20 MPa (medium pressure of main pipe);

Safety: Because the cutting process is carried out in a completely closed cavity, the tool is completely isolated from the air, and there is no possibility of fire and explosion.

Environmental protection: Because of the closed opening, toxic and harmful media will not be discharged into the atmosphere;

Efficiency: It takes an hour for general aperture to open, and 6 - 8 hours for large aperture to open.

Efficiency: Direct operation without shutdown can save considerable shutdown maintenance costs for manufacturers.

Construction sequence:

1. Install three-way short-section valve 2, install hole opener 3, drill bit into hole 4, hole operation 5, drill bit withdrawal, remove hole opener, close valve.

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