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Mechanical leak stoppage method of flange pressure leak stoppage

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Mechanical leak stoppage method of flange pressure leak stoppage

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Mechanical leak stoppage method with pressure for flange leak stoppage

1. Supporting Method

The method of installing support bracket outside the pipeline to plug the leak by means of tools and sealing gaskets is called support method. This method is applicable to the plugging of large pipelines, and it is a method that can not be fixed on the body.

2. Top pressure method

The method of fixing a screw directly or indirectly on the pipeline to block the leakage of equipment and pipeline is called top pressure method. This method is suitable for plugging the leakage points such as sand holes and small holes in medium and low pressure pipelines.

3. Clamp Method

The method of fixing the sealing gasket to the leak with a clamp (clip) is called the clamp method.

4. Capping Method

A method of using bolts to press the sealing pad and cover tightly on the inside or outside of the hole to cure leakage is called capping method. This method is suitable for plugging leakage of low pressure and easy to operate pipeline.

Pressure Opening Method

5. Packing Method

The method of enclosing the leak with a metal sealing chamber, filling the sealing filler or padding the joint is called packing method.

6. Top Cover Method

The method of sealing leaks by covering leaks with metal covers is called the upper cover method.

7. Expansion and Tightening Method

The method of automatically expanding leak plugging tools to plug the leak with the fluid flowing into the pipeline is called expansion and tightening method. This method is complex and equipped with automatic control mechanism for underground pipeline or some occasions where it is difficult to plug leakage from outside.

8. Hydraulic operated tightener clamps the leak to make it deformed and dense, or to make the sealing gasket close to the leak to achieve a leak control method, known as the tightening method. This method is suitable for plugging leakage at threaded joints, pipe joints and other parts of the pipeline.

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