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Major Provisions for Safety Protection in Leakage Stoppage Operation with Pressure

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Major Provisions for Safety Protection in Leakage Stoppage Operation with Pressure

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Main provisions for safety protection in operation of pressure sealing (flange pressure sealing):

Construction workers must wear safety caps with face masks or protective glasses, special protective clothing, water pipe pressure plugging, protective gloves and protective shoes when they work on the site with pressure to plug leakage.

According to the leakage medium, temperature and pressure, the following protective devices can be selected:

Pressure Opening of Water Pipeline

(1) Water and other general media with low temperature, safety caps with protective glasses, waterproof and oil-resistant work clothes, pressure leak plugging companies, medium-temperature-resistant long-sleeved gloves and ordinary protective shoes.

(2) When plugging high-temperature media with pressure, construction workers should wear safety caps with face masks (closed high-temperature protection caps, glasses, neck also need protection under special circumstances), high-temperature work clothes (asbestos or aluminum foil), high-temperature gloves, high-temperature protective shoes (or protective shoes with cover).

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