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Safety precautions for leak stoppage operation under pressure

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Safety precautions for leak stoppage operation under pressure

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The operation of leak stoppage under pressure has certain danger, so safety education must be carried out in the daily operation and construction process. The main points for attention in operation are as follows: sealing under pressure without shutdown

(1) If the pressure in equipment and pipeline is too high or unstable, there is sealant that can not effectively solidify in the process of injection, filling and top pressure, which basically means the failure of leak plugging under pressure.


Plugging Technology with Pressure


(2) When making clamps, improper material selection, or inadequate shunting and partial pressure of the enclosed chamber will lead to insufficient strength of the enclosed chamber and sudden rise of internal pressure. There is a risk that the enclosed chamber will burst and injure people. Therefore, material selection is particularly important, and pressure measurement should be accurate.

(3) When the equipment and pipeline are flammable and explosive media, there is a risk of spattering caused by changing the leakage flow rate when plugging leakage under pressure, which will lead to electrostatic explosion.

The construction safety of leak stoppage under pressure must be paid attention to. The protective clothing and protective measures must have great benefits for leak stoppage under pressure. The constructors must absorb them.

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