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Maintenance of Pressure Opening Machine

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Maintenance of Pressure Opening Machine

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Pressure opener needs to be maintained and maintained when it is not in construction, in order to get the best performance. Pressurized openings can be sealed without stopping as long as the following maintenance items are done

1. When the pressured perforator is not in use, protective measures should be taken for the Extension Department of the shaft and placed in the special box.

2. After each opening, check whether the guide of the blocking rod is damaged.

3. When the machine is installed on the gate valve, the flat-mouth plate hand shall be used.

Plugging Company with Pressure

4. Sealing elements should be replaced after each high temperature or eroded liquid lesson.

5. Clean the external viscera after opening each time with pressure.

6. After every six months or 30 lessons, the machine should be disassembled once to lubricate each part.

7. Prevent damage to the top hexagonal drive rod of the machine.

8. Lubricate ratchet rocker on schedule.

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