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Cautions for Pressure Opening

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Cautions for Pressure Opening

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Cautions for opening under pressure:

1. Generally, the gate valve should be welded first, and then the gate valve should be opened to the maximum caliber. Gradually, the opening cutter can enter the gate valve, and then continue to be able to touch the pipeline. If the knife can be made manually after a period of time, it means that it has been drilled through.

Pressure plugging of small diameter pipeline


2. Turn the knife clockwise and idly. When the top of the barrel knife reaches the pipe wall, the knife is reversed for half a week. Start the motor again and turn the handwheel into the knife clockwise and slowly. Cut off the power supply after the handle barrel knife cuts off the pipe wall. When the motor cuts off the power supply, the hand wheel can rotate into the knife, indicating that the hole cutting has been completed.

3. Cutting tool cutting process is insulated from air. There is no possibility of fire and explosion, and no pollution to the environment. The device is used for opening contacts without stopping production. It is suitable for any medium except oxygen and various pipelines of different diameters.

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