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What preparations should be made before pipe opening

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What preparations should be made before pipe opening

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1. Plug in the power supply of the electric pressure drilling rig, turn on the motor switch, check the operation of the equipment, confirm that the operation is normal, shut down. Non-stop pressure seal.

2. Attach the V-shaped iron horse on the base of the electric pressure drilling rig to the pipeline, then adjust the length of the chain and position it with the pin, then fasten the nut at the other end of the chain, so that the machine can be firmly positioned on the pipeline.

3. Confirm the diameter of the pressure hole according to the regulations, and fix the appropriate pressure hole opener.


The process of pressurized plugging

4. Start the motor, confirm once again the piezoelectric electric drilling rig to see if it works properly.

5. Pull (press down) the handle of the piezoelectric electric drilling rig, so that the piezoelectric drilling rig slowly downwards, when approaching the pipe, check whether the position of the piezoelectric drilling hole is correct; on the contrary, shut down the machine and re-adjust the position before starting.

6. When opening with pressure, the lower pressure of the handle should be slow, and the pressure opener should be continuously cooled with coolant.

7. Close the motor and unload the machine after the pressure opening is finished. Careful and light handling, do not consign electric drilling rigs on the ground.

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