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Four Requirements for Maintenance of Pressure Leakage Stoppage Equipment

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Four Requirements for Maintenance of Pressure Leakage Stoppage Equipment

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Four Requirements for Maintenance of Pressurized Leakage-plugging Equipment

(1) neatness: tools, workpieces and accessories are placed neatly; safety protection devices are complete; lines and pipelines are complete.

(2) Cleaning: cleaning inside and outside the equipment; no oil pollution and no bruising on sliding surfaces and screw, gear and rack; no oil leakage, no water leakage, no air leakage, no electricity leakage on all parts; cleaning of scrap garbage.

How to Sell Non-stop Pressure Seals

(3) Lubrication: timely refueling and oil change, oil quality meets the requirements; oil kettle, oil gun, oil cup, felt, oil line is clean and complete, oil marked bright, oil line is smooth.

(4) Safety: implement the system of appointment and handover; familiarize with equipment structure and comply with operating rules; use equipment rationally, carefully maintain equipment and prevent accidents.

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