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2. Classification of leak plugging industry with pressure?

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2. Classification of leak plugging industry with pressure?

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China's pressure leak plugging industry is divided into three sectors, namely, "pressure plugging, waterproof plugging, underground leak plugging" three sub-sectors, each industry is divided into a number of technical processes, respectively, as follows:

(1) Leakage stoppage with pressure: When the pipeline vessel appears corrosion perforation, dripping and leaking, it can stop leaking quickly without stopping transporting, pressing and firing.

(2) Waterproof and leak stoppage: This industry is mainly responsible for leak stoppage construction of houses, roofs, tunnels, subway, ditches, ponds and so on.

(3) Downhole plugging: fracturing and plugging of oil and water wells in oilfields.

Consult Tianjin Xiangyue Liaoyang Technology Consulting Center for details.

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