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1. Definition of leak plugging under pressure?

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1. Definition of leak plugging under pressure?

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 Pressure plugging refers to the leakage of any medium stored or transported inside the pressure pipeline and tank due to corrosion and perforation or man-made damage. The method of plugging the tank in the splash process of the internal medium by non-stop transportation is often used to generate spark operation, such as welding, grinding wheel grinding, because there is no concept of immovable fire in the words and sentences of pressure plugging. Pressure plugging, but in the actual plugging often appear flammable and explosive media, such media are not allowed to produce sparks, so later the domestic general pressure plugging into fixed fire pressure plugging, so as to more clearly explain the connotation of the industry, but people like to simplify it into pressure plugging, but now that pressure plugging has been cleared in people's minds. Chu's understanding is "no fire with pressure to plug leakage". Because the pressure leak plugging industry has not been regulated, the name is different. Most people think that the pressure leak plugging is an injection type seal. In fact, the injection type seal is only a technology process in the pressure leak plugging technology. Because the injection type seal technology can only plug the leak with pressure on the straight pipe, it has limitations. If it is three-way, elbow, diameter change, flange root, large container tank and other parts, it will not exist. I can do it.

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