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Emergency repair of hydrogen leakage in Yumen Oilfield Branch

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Emergency repair of hydrogen leakage in Yumen Oilfield Branch

Date of release:2019-03-05 Author: Click:

On November 28, a hydrogen leak occurred in a valve (DN50PN4.5 280 C) of hydrocracking workshop of Yumen Oilfield Branch Refinery General Plant. It was dangerous to explode at any time. It was sealed under pressure without stopping. At the urgent request of Yumen Oilfield Branch, our company dispatched staff to repair leakage overnight. After our company's professionals fighting day and night, we finally succeeded in plugging leakage. Yumen Oilfield Branch leaders and employees have also been unanimously praised: Tianjin Xiangyue technology, service and safety can be rated as first-class!

Pressure Opening Scheme

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