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Company: Liaoyang Xiangyue Sealing Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: 24 buildings in Longdingshan C District, Hongwei District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province

Mobile phone: +86-18041906362

Fax: +86-0419-5962238

Customer service hotline: +86-18041906362



Listing in progress

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Listing in progress

Date of release:2019-03-05 Author: Click:

News from this newspaper: Tianjin Xiangyue Sealing Material Co., Ltd. in order to build a super carrier Enterprise in the field of pressure sealing, under the vigorous promotion of Chairman Wang Jinrong and General Manager Zhao Zhifang, the company's listing work is in an orderly progress. After the company goes on the market, it will rely on the pressure sealing center of China Equipment Management Association, strengthen the management and integration of the industry, strengthen the research and development and promotion of new sealing technologies and new products, and provide continuous power and financial guarantee for the sustainable development of the company.

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